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How many syllables?

1 Syllable

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  • n. - The air bladder of a fish; as, cod sounds are an esteemed article of food.
  • n. - A cuttlefish.
  • superl. - Whole; unbroken; unharmed; free from flaw, defect, or decay; perfect of the kind; as, sound timber; sound fruit; a sound tooth; a sound ship.
  • superl. - Healthy; not diseased; not being in a morbid state; -- said of body or mind; as, a sound body; a sound constitution; a sound understanding.
  • superl. - Firm; strong; safe.
  • superl. - Free from error; correct; right; honest; true; faithful; orthodox; -- said of persons; as, a sound lawyer; a sound thinker.


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