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How many syllables in Formal



How many syllables?

2 Syllables

How it's divided?



  • n. - See Methylal.
  • a. - Belonging to the form, shape, frame, external appearance, or organization of a thing.
  • a. - Belonging to the constitution of a thing, as distinguished from the matter composing it; having the power of making a thing what it is; constituent; essential; pertaining to or depending on the forms, so called, of the human intellect.
  • a. - Done in due form, or with solemnity; according to regular method; not incidental, sudden or irregular; express; as, he gave his formal consent.
  • a. - Devoted to, or done in accordance with, forms or rules; punctilious; regular; orderly; methodical; of a prescribed form; exact; prim; stiff; ceremonious; as, a man formal in his dress, his gait, his conversation.
  • a. - Having the form or appearance without the substance or essence; external; as, formal duty; formal worship; formal courtesy, etc.


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