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How many syllables in Department



How many syllables?

3 Syllables

How it's divided?



  • v. i. - Act of departing; departure.
  • v. i. - A part, portion, or subdivision.
  • v. i. - A distinct course of life, action, study, or the like; appointed sphere or walk; province.
  • v. i. - Subdivision of business or official duty; especially, one of the principal divisions of executive government; as, the treasury department; the war department; also, in a university, one of the divisions of instruction; as, the medical department; the department of physics.
  • v. i. - A territorial division; a district; esp., in France, one of the districts composed of several arrondissements into which the country is divided for governmental purposes; as, the Department of the Loire.
  • v. i. - A military subdivision of a country; as, the Department of the Potomac.

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