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How many syllables in Beetle



How many syllables?

2 Syllables

How it's divided?



  • v. t. - A heavy mallet, used to drive wedges, beat pavements, etc.
  • v. t. - A machine in which fabrics are subjected to a hammering process while passing over rollers, as in cotton mills; -- called also beetling machine.
  • v. t. - To beat with a heavy mallet.
  • v. t. - To finish by subjecting to a hammering process in a beetle or beetling machine; as, to beetle cotton goods.
  • v. t. - Any insect of the order Coleoptera, having four wings, the outer pair being stiff cases for covering the others when they are folded up. See Coleoptera.
  • v. i. - To extend over and beyond the base or support; to overhang; to jut.

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